How many years of school do I need to get a Master’s Degree?

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Undergraduate courses usually take anywhere from three to four years depending upon what course of study you are interested in making your profession. If you are interested in a Master’s Degree that fits your undergraduate work, you may have all the prerequisite courses of study completed before going on to doing your graduate work.

If you need to pick up extra courses, such as math or English before you can begin studying for your Master’s Degree, you may have to wait a semester before continuing. If you do have everything ready to go forward in your studies, most Master’ Degrees may be obtained in an additional two years, which means you will be in school for six to seven years before graduating with your Master’s Degree.

The first year of classes will be focused on seminars with discussions while learning skills in observation, analysis, problem solving and gaining experience in report writing and creative thinking. These courses focus on preparing the student to go from books to practical thinking skills that gives the student the time to think through the answers without the help of books. It teaches them to become involved in discussions and to utilize the experiences of others to help to solve problems. This setting is monitored and used to help the student in making decisions.

The second year is used to work on the student’s thesis pertaining to their course of study. There may also be internship positions awarded during this second year to help the student to apply what they have learned in a real world setting. The student will begin to think about the thesis at the beginning of the Master’s Degree program and may meet periodically with counselors or advisors to get help in building the path to graduation. It may take the student an entire year to write their thesis. It depends upon what subject the student is studying.

The thesis is then presented to professors in the student’s field of study. The professors will engage the student in the defense of their thesis or final project, which allows the student to make their presentation towards their Master’s Degree. The final presentation is the result of spending the first year learning to think creatively in order to be able to defend their thesis. Upon approval from the professors, the Master’s Degree is awarded at this time.

Most educational institutions have a set time as to how long one has to complete their work towards a Master’s Degree before they must reapply for admission.

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